COVID- 19 Resource Page

At Village Church Station North, we want to recognize that God is fully in control of all things including COVID-19 and also respond as good neighbors by following CDC recommendations to mitigate public health risks. Below is information outlining the steps our church is taking in order to continue to be the church during this global pandemic.

Is Village Church Station North (VCSN) still meeting for Sunday Service?

Yes! But not in person at this time. We meet Sunday mornings at 9:30 am (our regularly scheduled meeting time) on Facebook Live. In order to join, all you must do is get on Facebook and find our page Village Church Station North or click this link:

Are small groups still meeting?

Yes! Not in person, but via RingCentral/ Zoom. This app can be downloaded on phone, computer or tablet and is free, of course. Click on hyperlink below to be taken directly to groups.
Feel free to join any of our groups on the day that works best for you.

Tuesday: 7:30-9 on RingCentral: Meeting ID- 149-242-3405 or calling in by dialing 470-869-2200 (Normally meets in Remington)
Wednesday 7:00 pm on Zoom: Meeting ID- 137-666-304 (Normally meets in Mt. Vernon)
▷Thursday 7:15 pm on RingCentral: Meeting ID- 149-856-1491 (Normally meets in Waverly)

Am I still able to attend Intro or Partnership classes?

Sure can!

▷Pathways: Intro is our introductory class that focuses on the history, mission, and vision of VCSN, what we believe, how we operate, and how you can move toward partnership within the church. This class happens *online* the 1st Sunday of each month at 1:15 pm. Sign up here!

▷Pathways: Equip is our class that focuses on your individual spiritual journey as it relates to Scripture, helping you discover ways to read the bible and apply it to your life. This class happens *online* the 3rd Sunday of each month at 1:15 pm. Sign up here!

▷If you forget to sign up in advance here is the link to attend.

How is VCSN getting involved to help the community and how can I be a part of it?

At VCSN, we believe we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus at all times, and especially when the world is in crisis.
Below are tangible ways to help out and as always please reach out to if you are in need of assistance at this time.


▷ Providing food for those in need and those struggling with homelessness.


▷ Providing Easter Baskets for families in Baltimore so that they could enjoy

Resurrection Sunday in the midst of so much uncertainty.


▷ Praying for our world, our country and leaders, those suffering with illness, families and friends of those suffering with illness, those worried they might be sick, elderly/immunocompromised people stuck at home, parents with children who cannot be in school right now, frontline workers at hospitals, grocery stores, mail delivery, etc., people who feel isolated at home right now, people who are mourning the loss of missed big events in their lives such as weddings/graduations, people working tirelessly to figure out how to best tackle this virus, people having to make decisions that affect others lives, people who have lost a job and are worried about how they will afford basic necessities, business owners having to decide to reopen or shut down businesses, people who are Asian and racially discriminated against because of potential origins of virus, countries that are not equipped to handle widespread illness and other stories that compromise what our world is dealing with.


▷ VCSN is hosting a “Stay-to-Go” Mission Trip, where we have created a bingo card of activities and resources to tangibly help out our neighbors at this time. Join us here!


▷ Give to Baltimore Tip Jar where you can help to support Baltimore and surrounding areas hospitality and service industry workers who are unable to work right now. Look up the establishment, find your favorite folks and their Venmo or PayPal name. And maybe you can “visit” that site every week or so – the way you would the places themselves and continue to help them get through this, too.

What are other local resources or ways to get involved?

Please visit any of these helpful websites to learn more about ways to get involved.

As always, also please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions, comments, need of help,  need of further information or connection.