Church Leadership 


Andy Greenfield | Lead Pastor

Pastor Andy has a passion for the church to be belly to belly, toe to toe in our city through both personal relationships as well as partnering with organizations that are seeking the good and development of our city. He is also passionate about teaching the church to live out a life that brings growth and flourishing to those around it in our personal lives and communities by being faithful in living out the amazing life that Jesus models for us. Andy knew that he would be planting churches at some point in his life but in 2003 God had called him to live on mission in the workforce. In 2013 when the Ravens won the super bowl and Andy and his wife heard the city shake with joy and praise, they knew that God wanted to be known and glorified with that same passion.

Andy grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and spent several years in his early 20’s touring the U.S. in a rock band before starting a 15 year career in business. He has moved around a lot through his careers in business and music living in places such as Memphis, Tennessee, Jackson, Mississippi, and Birmingham, Alabama. Pastor Andy was never just passing through these amazing and diverse cities that have beautiful and ugly histories for different cultures, ethnicities, and classes they were the training ground as well as where he first began to flesh out unity and reconciliation amongst different ethnicities and classes.

Along the way Andy fell in love and in 2006 married his beautiful wife Rhonda. In 2012, Andy and his wife moved to Baltimore, and since then God has added three adorable children to their family.

Andy loves reading, studying, and teaching the Bible. In particular, he has a special passion for the Hebrew Scriptures, the culture they emerged out of, and the effect that understanding them has on who Jesus is, His life, His message, and how His reality can and should dramatically effect our lives personally and communally. Additionally, Andy has a passion for creation care, photography, music, cycling, hiking/camping, and exploring the small unique parts of this beautiful city.